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The start-up of our Angelive wine cellar in Yangzhou!

The start-up of our Angelive wine cellar in Yangzhou!Enjoy life Join Angelive!

Angelive wine club

Angelive wine club is a platform which provides sharing resources, courses, linked to wine.We hold specially tailored activities such as tastings(wines ,teas), salons 

Yangzhou Angelive wine club

The start-up of the club

our company CWPL as the host of this projet ,is present.

The opening site

        Our Ceo Mr. Gregory Li communicate with the owner of the cellar and the guests.


                                            Ceo Mr.Gregory LiGeneral Manager Mr.Pablo Li


Angelive , this is not only a brand, but also a love and longing for life. It is the consensus and intersection of the quality of life.

Join Angelive To Enjoy Life

Join Angelive To Enjoy Life!

We are inviting you!

We are waiting for you!

We are flying for you!